Our Portfolio

The LEOTAUR group works with over 2 dozen Defence OEMs from across the globe. About half of these are Defence Public Sector Units (DPSUs) which are entities owned by Government of India. We also work pretty extensively with the OEMs from Private sector. Our relationship with these firms are classified into 4 different levels of engagement.

  1. Global Partners:  This is the highest Tier of engagement between the OEM and LEOTAUR. In most such cases, LEOTAUR works with the OEM on multiple fronts including Product Development.
  2. Authorized Channel Partners: This is the 2nd highest Tier level where LEOTAUR represents this OEMs in multiple countries. Usually, this level also dictates some level exclusivity.
  3. Authorized Resellers: This is the 2nd Tier of engagement where LEOTAUR is allowed to resell the products & services from these OEMs. 
  4. Program Partner: This level of engagement is more specific to opportunity(s) or program(s) related engagement.