The Company

LEOTAUR was conceptualized in 2013 and the early phase of the company was to provide an ecosystem level support to Global Startups.

The concept started with IT industry with global support for Infrastructure, Shared Services like HR & Operations and Sales & Marketing services. Eventually the concept was rolled out to Aerospace & Defence startups which were looking for cost-effective talent from across the globe along with a global supply chain network of Tier1s and Tier2s. This concept resulted in the creation of LEOTAUR Infinity in India.

The Sales & Marketing global support led to the creation of LEOTAUR International. This initially catered to Aerospace & Defense startups industry but over a period of time evolved into supporting large OEMs including the ones which were Government of India undertakings. Today LEOTAUR International operates in over 17 countries with the help of several directors and partners.

The need for LEOTAUR Energy came out of necessity. Several of our Defence projects were at remote locations with very minimal availability of Electricity from any existing plants. This led to the need to self generate electricity for these installations. LEOTAUR Energy today looks at every possible option of generating green energy from Natural Sources such as solar, hydro and wind.

Kind Karma Foundation is the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of LEOTAUR Group. However, this organization registered as a 501c(3) Non Profit, operates independently with its own dedicated Board of Directors and its own set of volunteers.